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No Minorities is a story about a small, yet passionate and historically significant group of people that MUST be told. The Ballad of the Macedonian Diaspora is a compilation of real word-of-mouth stories of the trials and tribulations told by grandparents, parents, uncles, and aunts weaved into the fictional journey of our principal and secondary protagonists. 

After her engagement falls apart because of tensions between the families, LYDIA travels back to the Balkans and experiences centuries old ethnic tensions in present day Macedonia. Juxtaposed to her story are “flashbacks” of 1950’s Macedonia and the secondary protagonists, ILCHE and PERO, two soldiers in the Yugoslav army who encounter first-hand oppression as they struggle to leave behind the Balkans at all costs.

The film delves deeper into the history of the Balkans with a series of period flashbacks. The opening scene itself starts with the first of many “flashback” scenes, “Bucharest circa 1913” in the middle

of tense negotiations of the Treaty of Bucharest - the armistice

treaty dividing Macedonian ancestral lands between Greece, Bulgaria, and Serbia. This scene, along with the other

interconnected flashbacks tell a story of romance, heartache,

and inspiration for the Macedonian people and their

homeland all carried on through a strong female lead and

an ever-present female influenced culture.

Runtime:  2h 21m


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